Monday, 7 November 2011

Gray's Anatomy

Gray's Anatomy by Wet & Wild

After reading many comments about how sheer  this polish was (5 coats needed), I decided to have fun with it by layering it over different colors. So each of my nails have a different base color (see picture for the colors I used) + 2 coats of Gray's. In some lights, it looks pretty much the same but in others, you can really see some slight differences.

I love this polish cause you can actually have fun with it... it changes color depending on the light, the base color and the number of Gray's anatomy coats you put on. And in the end, it's really pretty! My only complaint would be that in most light, it looks too purple for my taste.

Next time, I'm gonna use a green base coat (Camouflage by Rimmel (second from the right on the picture)) and 1-2 really thin coats of Gray's to bring out more of the green and gunmetal undertones that I really like in this nail polish!

My accent nail is Black out by Sally Hansen with a Matte top coat and some line design using Kiss nail art in silver and silver glitter. 

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